Out-Of-The-Box Sites

Out-Of-The-Box Sites are packages of WordPress+themes+plugins which are ment to be used as they are: Out-Of-The-Box Sites. They  are also named ready-made or white-label sites. Installation on the clients server and basic set-up is also included, site name is changed to the clients name or business name.

They can be considered as a starting kit for a fully functional website, blog, ecommerce,catalog,  prezentation, monetization tool, etc.

Of course further editing , uploading, customizations, modifications are always possible. This can be done by the owner of the site, one of the main advantages of the WordPress platform, or can be ordered from this site as further service packages or standalone tasks.

Available Out-Of-The-Box Sites


Your Own Money Making Amazon Associate Site To Earn Affiliate Commission on Autopilot

Amazon Associate /Affiliate Site


Amazon Associates


I Will Build Your Own Money Making Amazon Associate Site To Earn Affiliate Commission on Autopilot

 9 reasons you should order this site right away: 

  1. You can start earning money in 5 days or less
  2. You will get your own money making machine in the niches or categories of your choice
  3. You will have an easy to maintain site to monetize, Amazon Associate/Affiliate is a great way to earn money on the autopilot.
  4. Your site will be highly automated, no need to spend time to set things up.
  5. You will receive passive income.
  6. You have the possibility to order extras and my other offers so that you get your site fully customized, uploaded with hundreds and thousands of products. Also you can get your site optimized. Moreover I am available to any custom work.
  7. You can choose any number of niches or categories and any number of products.
  8. You can have your site periodically updated with best selling, most wished for and new products. See separate offer.
  9. You have 5 categories and up to 250 products included in the basic offer, but you can buy any number of addons to siut your need..

Why wait? Order now! In about a week you will have your own money machine earning you affiliate commission via Amazon Associate program.

Start earning money now!


Responsive vCard+Online Resume+Personal Blog

Out-Of-The-Box Sites: VCard Demo 

Responsive vCard+Online Resume+Personal Blog is a 3-in-1 out-of-the-box site with a large number of features. It is made of an online digital business card or vCard, online resume and a personal blog. The design is simple and  responsive, your portfolio can be categorized, the blog is easy to edit as any document.

Working demo.


Future Out-Of-The-Box Sites

This section will be continously completed as I will create new packages and implement them.

  • Simple blog – installation and basic set up of WordPress+an apropriate theme+a number of important plugins
  • Simple e-commerce site – installation and basic set up of WordPress+an apropriate theme+WooCommerce
  • Affiliate/associate site – This is one way to monetize a site. It is basically an e-commerce site where the products are external products.When the client hits the buy button it is redirected to the initial site and the owner receives an affiliate fee for the lead. Example: Amazon Affiliate/Associate site.
  • Membership site – Sites with content both for the general public (one time visitors) and content wich is visible only for members. This often includes a monthly payment, too.
  • One page parallax sites – A trendy way to present everything about you or your company in a single page design, often with parallax efect. The visitor doesn’t have to navigate to a new page and receives the whole information right from the home page of the site. The pages are made of sections, which on more traditional sites are presented as separate pages: About Us, What we Do, Our Products, Contact Us, etc. The menu items are used to navigate between different sections of the page.
  • Car Sharing Site
  • Dating Site
  • Real Estate Site
  • Travelling Site
  • Contractor’s Site
  • Car Repair Shop
  • Restaurant or Pizza Site
  • Hairdresser
  • Spa
  • Gym




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  1. Please feel free to tell me what other ready made, white label or out-of-the-box site would you like to be available.

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