The Baby Boomers 10 Free Essential WordPress Plugins DVD Video Tutorial


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Product Description

Baby Boomers that use WordPress for their websites are smart and have it easy. What could be easier than using a very nifty and FREE software to handle your website needs.

Better still, WordPress operates best with plugins or scripts that can perform a variety of functions to make your website run like a hot knife cutting through cold butter.

Suppose you wanted to keep up with your statistics, and receive an email sent to you whenever your site went down, or was about to run over the monthly bandwidth quota – there’s an plugin for that.

Here’s just some of what you you’ll see and learn in this 119 minute dvd:

How to use the 10 essential WordPress plugins and cut through the 11,000 plus other plugins in a snap.

How to setup the SEO WordPress plugins to work for you automatically.

How to find, install and tweak this user friendly multimedia WordPress plugin for your website.

How you can put the ‘social’ back into social media with this little known plugin.

How to keep up with your statistics.

How you can use a special plugin for people that want to get in touch with you.

How to make your website mobile friendly.

Hot to protect your content from thieves, crooks and digital bandits.

How to protect your entire WordPress site from hackers, spammers and other illegal types.

How to use email and autoresponder plugins to tap into building a contact list of customers.

That is a total of 119 minutes of on-screen instruction that you can easily play on your DVD player or on your computer. No squinting or fumbling around for glasses. Just start, stop, pause, rewind, replay, then grab the plugins and install them along with me and you’ll be setup faster and easier than fumbling around with some ebook.

Take the easy route today. Grab your copy now and we’ll ship the Baby Boomers 10 Essential WordPress Plugin DVD to your door today.

As always, the Baby Boomers 10 Essential WordPress Plugin DVD is guaranteed to give you what you need or we’ll pay you.