The Baby Boomers WordPress 101 DVD Tutorial


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Product Description

Discover How To Easily Setup Your WordPress Website Fast Saving Yourself from Headaches and Spending More Cash – Even If You Have Silver Hair Like Us

In the Boomer WordPress 101 DVD video tutorials they will take you through the basic steps to get your WordPress website setup fast.

Follow along with the easy to watch, pause and do DVD course for Boomer that will show you everything you need to know. If you get stuck, just rewind and replay that part again.

Here’s just some of what is covered in this basic 101 WordPress DVD for Boomers:

How to Make money from your WordPress site. (Video 7)

How to set it up and make it look attractive but yet be simple to use and update. (video 3 &4)

How to make your personalization choices with themes and plugins. (Don’t worry, we explain it all for you in this DVD with simple steps that you can follow). (Video 4)

How to use widgets and improve the functionality of your WordPress site. (Including some automation widgets that work for you even if you are on vacation, on the golf course or playing with your grand children). (video 6)

How to make pages, posts, categories and tags that will keep your website humming along. (Video 5)

How to install WordPress fast and most importantly – without headaches. (Video 2)

As you can see this is a complete WordPress 101 DVD for Boomers. Grab your copy of this DVD today and we’ll ship it right to your door for you. Just play it in any DVD player or on your computer too.

Yes, of course your satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed Secure your copy today!