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Wordpress is the best Content Management System (CMS) available today.
The standard WordPress installation makes a sales page look unprofessional and amateurish. Don’t blow your chance to share a good product with them because of a poor looking website.

Imagine this…
You have a wildly popular old car restoration blog. On your blog you post updates about the cars you’ve completed restoring. You interact with the visitors to your blog because they are into restoring old cars too.

If you had some custom tips, tweaks on a technique for restoring your 57 Chevy, there is a good possibility that your site visitors would want to know and be willing to buy that information from you.

Since you are using WP as a salesletter, a part of your site will facilitate that function of buying and selling. Awesome! You now are making money doing something you love. In fact, you’d still be restoring cars, whether someone wanted your ‘tips’ or not.

My DVD can easily show you how to set all of that up. Specifically, in this series you will learn:
=> How to set up WordPress like a pro
=> How to install WordPress quickly and easily with the default theme
=> How to get rid of the sidebar
=> How to get everything lined nice and pretty
=> How to add sales copy to your WordPress site
=> Some secret sauce that will be covered in the Advanced section of this DVD
=> How to integrate your own headers, footers, and images into the page
=> How to insert your own sales copy
=> How to wrap it up and get this information into action…and much more.
The total playing time is: 59 Minutes

You are fully assured to like the DVD or you can return it up to 60 days after receiving it, using it and we’ll gladly refund your money – FAST.

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